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Neora Valley National Park in Darjeeling

The Neora Valley National Park is a region of rich biodiversity, situated in the beautiful Darjeeling district of West Bengal. This wildlife reserve falls in the catchment area of the Neora River and shares its boundaries with similar establishments of Sikkim and Bhutan. This wildlife conservation spot was notified as a national park in 1992, as per the Wildlife (Protection) Act of 1972. Covering a total geographical area of 88 sq km, this national park has luxuriant foliage of rhododendrons, endemic orchids and a mixed variety of forests.

Tucked away in the pristine Eastern Himalayas, this place is the habitat of Red Panda –classified as 'Vulnerable' by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). More than 31 types of mammals, 258 bird species, 276 insects, 38 other invertebrates and six types of leeches inhabit the park. Himalayan Tahr, Black Bear, Sambar, Barking Deer, Goral, Tiger, Leopard, Chinese Marmorata Pangolin and Malayan Giant Squirrel can be spotted in the park. This region is also considered important in terms of bird population and is one of the best sites to spot the Rustybellied Shortwing – a native avian species of Eastern Himalayas. if you plan to stay Neora Valley the better stay point is Neora Valley National Park Hotel


Hotels in Lava :

The Flycatcher Resort and Hotel is nestled amidst the peace, tranquility and simplicity of this emerald Himalayan village. At The Flycatcher you are in the lap of nature with mesmerizing natural aura, essence of rural and rustic village and various parks and gardens. Lava is the gateway of Neora Valley National Park, a virgin, unexplored terrain in the Himalayas. Where the sun plays a hide and sees game with light and shadow, when sun-light comes into the deep jungle. Charming colorful birds sang song through out the days and fly on the sky. A huge verity of flowers and many types of wildlife are waiting for you inside the forest and surrounding scenic beauty are the potential of Lava, to boost it up as a very popular tourist destination.

The entire region of Lava is surrounded by dense forests of Berch, Pine, fir and Juniper trees. Here one can see a wide variety of rare species orchids, blooming at the hillsides and valleys. Often in winter snow is a common attraction in the village, Lava.

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