Neora Valley

Neora Valley National Park

THE NATURE LANDSCAPE VIEW OF NEORA VALLEY NATIONAL PARK The Neora Valley National Park, is cover around 88 landscape which is including several types of natural beauty which must attract all visitors. The National Park relishes the discrepancy of being sited over one of the primogenital Reserve Forest in India. The Northern Borderline of this National Park is attached with the forest of Sikkim and Bhutan and harbours of prevalent attraction of flora and fauna. The National park comprises tropical & temperate vegetation. A number of animals like Red Panda, Himalayan Thar, Tiger, Goral, Himalayan Black Bear, Wild Boar, Wild Dog and Clouded Leopard and birds like Redstart, Whistling Thrush, Golden Headed Black Finch, Niltava, Yuhina are found in this National Park. Apart from this a large number of bird species are resident to this area. Due to wide range of altitude variation, the climate condition of N.P. varies from tropical to temperate or even Sub-alpine in Rachilla Danda area.                                                                         How to reach The common holiday maker terminus Lava (which is about 105 kilometers from NJP as well as 34 kms from Kalimpong) is situated moderately close to Neora Valley National Park. The entrance to the park at a village named Kolakham is about 10kms from Lava. The trip will take only 1 hour to reach Lava from Kalimpong, while it will take around 3 hours to reach NJP through Kalimpong. From Lava the distance of 10kms to Neora Valley would easily take another 1 hour because of the bad road condition. You can hire a vehicle or a jeep to convey this tactic road to Neora. From NJP, you can also reach Lava via Gorubathan. Take NH-31 towards Sevoke Road, cross Coronation Bridge, go via Odlabari, Damdim, and Goruba than, then to Lava. Takes about 3 hours to reach Lava. You can reach Neora Valley via several route like Samsing is very near to this national park. This way passes via places in Dooars zone like Chalsa, Malbazar and Metli and then finally you will reach Samsing. This another way takes about 3.5 hours to reach Neora Valley and is frequently chosen by the vacationers who plan to camp and trek the area over numerous days. There is WBFDC billet obtainable at Suntalekhola. Entry Permits You need a permit to enter the park. The permit is available at the forest range office at Lava (and also at Samsing). So, if you are staying near the entry of the park, then your prerequisite to come down to Lava initial in the morning, take your authorization and go back. The whole process of going down to forest office and getting back with the permit can easily take about two & half hours. In summer and spring, they usually start issuing the permits by 6am. Best Time To Visit Neora Valley October to April is ideal for visiting this park though day visits are open to tourists from 16th September to 15th June. The park relics closed for 3 months throughout monsoon. October to December is the great time to visit this location because this time you can have a great mountain views but during spring (March to April) is the time for blossoming flowers. Bird watchers should preferably visit Neora Valley National Park among December to March.                                               Entry Permit is required to enter the park. It is obtainable from the Forest Office in Samsing and also Lava.  During summer months light woolen attires are adequate but in winter, among November to February appropriate winter garments are mandatory. The visitors must advisable to carry their first aid box as well as some common medicines during their trip. *******************************

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