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Changey Falls

Is Changey Falls best place for picnic?

At a distance of 9 kilometer from the place Pelling, Changey Waterfall is a tranquil waterfall located on Pelling - Dentam Road in Pelling. It is one of the splendid places to visit in Pelling and among the famous waterfalls in Sikkim.

Changey Waterfall looks attractive much like a white line, emergent from dense foliage falling from a height of about 300 ft. Situated on the way to Dentam, the waterfall attracts number of tourists. With the scenic backdrop of lush green vegetation and towering hills, the falls is an ideal tourist attraction and a lovely picnic spot for the people to enjoy some relaxing moments in deep serenity. Nearby the falls, the Dentam Bazaar is also located where the visitors can do some shopping.

The landscape view of Changey Falls

The falls is situated downhill from the last motorable point. From there, one needs to walk almost 20 minutes to reach the falls. The pathway is broken and full of leaves and branches. But visitors will forget every pain once reach the fall.

Changey Water Fall (Seven Sisters) Kanchendzonga Falls - It is situated nearly seventeen kilometers from Uttarey on the road to Pelling. Tourists can see and feel the fresh torrent water fall from the pebbly bluff and the beautiful surrounds are worth staying.Seven Sister Waterfall has a unique attraction to it. During good season the fall is surrounded by tourist throughout the day. Seven sister waterfall attracts many tourists from across the globe. Its surroundings are lush green and offer a sense of peace. This waterfall leaps out of the hillside to the valley floors in plumes of white and is worth photographing. Nearly 28 k.K.Ms from Pelling, 18 K.Ms further than Rimbi and 5 K.Ms before Yuksam is Khangchendzonga Waterfalls. It is situated at a sharp curve on the road side. The waterfalls being very large in size and similarly gorgeous during the year, it has become one of the foremost tourist spots in west Sikkim.

More about the place

Phamrong Waterfalls, Darap Falls, Pemayangtse Monastery, Dubdi Monastery, Changay Waterfalls, Singshore Bridge, Rabdentse Ruins, Sanga - Choling Monastery, Rimbi waterfall, Khecheopalri Lake, Khang - Chen - Dzonga Waterfalls, Yuksom, Dentam Gorge and Sing Shore Connection are some of the places of tourist attention and are enclosed in one day sightseeing. The waterfall and Khecheopalri are also two best places where you can spend lots of time without getting vex.  Half a day tour towards the west of Pelling comprises all these tourist attractions and the sightseeing can be protracted for the whole day.


Lava: the most beautiful tourist destination in West Bengal

Lave is one of the most beautiful holiday spot which is located at 34 K.M (21 mi) east of the city of Kalimpong by Algarah in Darjeeling region of the state of West Bengal, India. This small hamlet is located at an elevation of 2,138 m (7,016 feet). It is one of the rare places in West Bengal to accept snow in the season of winter. In other word Lava is the gateway to the Neora Valley National Park from Kalimpong. The direction to Lava is picturesque with the change in flora from steamy deciduous to the wet mountainous trees of fir, birch and pine. The leafy forests are a common spot for trekking, picnickingand bird-watching. Lava has nowadays convert a favourite visitor destination for people existing on the coast of West Bengal, and travel has become the source of living for the populaces.

Places to see in Lava:

Lava is the entry point to the Neora Vale National Park, an unmapped Himalayan landscape. You can visit the Bhutanese abbeys of Lava in a day trip. There is also the Neora Valley Clarification Center at the place and a clock tower also esteems the main town square of Lava. Two enthralling sunrise points adjacent the Changey Falls, called Ghanti Dara and Tiffin Dara are also general destinations in Lava.

Things to do in Lava:

You can relish a nature walk around the forest and along the scenic scenery of Lava. Furthermore, Lava is a seamless destination for trekking and hiking. You can trek 12 km. from Lava to Rachela and Jelepla Pass, situated at the coterminous point of Sikkim, Bengal and Bhutan. The location also offers a painterly treat to the enthusiastic bird watchers.

How to reach Lava:

Lava is nearby by highway from Siliguri through Kalimpong or via Gorubathan. You will get a number of buses including Private buses, North Bengal State Transport Corporation Buses, taxis and Bhutan Government buses from Siliguri, seriatim to Lava. The bordering terminuses of Lava are located at New Jalpaiguri. So, after arriving at New Jalpaiguri station, you can drive along the roadway to reach Lava. The Bagdogra airport is the next-door airport of the destination, situated at a distance of 13 kilometer. from Siliguri. The airport is well associated with all major states of India.


Lava is the base and the entry point for the famed Neora Valley National Park and fenced by impenetrable forest of coniferous trees. However, you should stay overnight at Lava or Neora Valley for a visit to the national park which is full of exotic flora and fauna.

 Close to the local market is Lava Monastery. This should be covered as part of your day trip. The environment in the monastery with typical Tibetan architecture is tranquil and delightful.  

Best time to visit Lava:

You can visit Lava any time as you wish but it is better to avoid during the monsoon.


Best time to visit Lolegaon

Painstaking to be the tourism periapt of West Bengal, the Lolegaon is the stately icon of the place. It is an apparent choice if one wants to go far from the bustle and hustle of the city to rejuvenate one’s mind.  It is one of the stunning place for the tourists and it is something that one may define as out of ordinary. Lolegaon the land of unending beauty lies in the Kalimpong hills. It has a mesmerizing scenic beauty with a tranquil and serene environment. For nature lovers, it is truly a feast for eyes. The main attraction of the place after its natural beauty is the wildlife. It is also a perfect destination for the animal lovers. It has an age-old forest with pine, cypress and oak and their mossy trunk that is considered to be a perfect place to have a glimpse of the Himalayan endangered species such as black bear, mountain goats, numerous birds and different varieties of species. Trekking is undoubtedly an attraction in itself as choices and variety of places with hills is innumerable. Tourism in Lolegaon is on its boom these days. Lolegaon is legendary in West Bengal for its peaceful nature and simplicity. The natural beauty of Lolegaon is remarkable. A short trip to Lolegaon, spot alleviating a few interesting places the tourist must visit throughout their stay.

How to reach the place

By AIR The nearest airport of Lolegaon is Bagdogra as it doesnt have its own airport. This airport is well connected with different parts of the country.

By TRAIN The New Jalpaiguri station is the near Rail pate of Lolegaon. It is also well connected with dissimilar megalopolis state of our state. Jeeps or taxis are always obtainable from outside the railway station.

Best time to visit Lolegaon

Lolegaon has a very pleasant climate and the weather condition of this place supports Tourism. The best time to visit this place is March and April as well as September to November.


Make your holiday more memorable at Rishyap

The place Rishyap is one of the most unique place also it has a unique feature is that there is only empty planetary among this miniature hamlet along with the Kangchendzonga Range, upended at majestic consideration on the horizon. And as the town is spread across such a narrow crest, with valleys falling away on either side, the mountains can be seen from most of the guesthouses. You either agree to become active and take walks to the village after lunch, or you lounge around tending a cup of hot drink till the evening comes alive with dots of lights on the reverse hillside. Most proprietors will ignite a fire around which you can cluster.

The perfect month to visit to this place

The place Risyap is highly preferred by each nature lovers.  The go to terminus for kinds of travelers, be it family, kids as well as love birds, Rishyap is, however, mostly preferred by Family, Single. The best months or season to visit places in Rishyap are June to December. There are nine top notch tourist places in Rishyap, which can be sightsaw by travelers. Local charms can be stayed at any time of the day, be it early morning, afternoon, evening as well as at night, as appropriate for travelers. Exploration in Rishyap can be done by tourists, which will take half a day or one day, but to see all tourism places, traveler’s necessity to stay in Rishyap for 2 to 3 days.

Way to reach

Travelers can also visit or download several links to get Rishyap Travel Guide to know about tourists’ places to visit in Rishyap, browse through pictures and photos, reconnoiter Rishyap using a map, and read sightseeing analyses. Recently reviewed tourist attractions in Rishyap, which are great places to visit, are Lava Jamgyong Kongtrul Monastery, Lolegaon, Pedong, Neora National Park, Forests in Rishyap. Rishyap can be visited in monsoon, summer or winter.

Rishi Khola

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Make yourself cheer at Rishi Khola

Rishi Khola or Rishi is one of the most beautiful landscapes which are situated between Indian State of West Bengal and Sikkim. West Bengal located on a side of the river while Sikkim is on the other side of it. Rishi can be arrived from Kalimpong, there is a small village named as ‘Algarah’, on the way to Lava (Labha). The one way road is direct goes to Labha and way goes to Rishi via Pedong. Also, the tourist can reach Rishi from Kalimpong via Rhenak. It is only 37 K.M. from Kalimpong and it will take only 1.1/2 hours to reach Rishi. Rishi village located on 101 K.M. just away from Siliguri town and it’s a more than 3.1/2 hrs. of journey through Kalijhora, Sevoke, Rambi, Lava, Kalimpong, and Pedong .

It’s a wonderful halt for tourists recommended to visit 'The Silk Route' as it is a finicky camping and picnic ground for tourists to have chilled out and fun on the coast of the river Rishi. It is also a tranquil spot for romancing the moonlight with a light beacon and barbecue. Tourists can also coddle in lavishness of bathing in the sparkler clear river water and to cast the net for a light barbecue. Tourists can also get a feel of staying in inclined tents and test their wasteland smudge.

Places to see in Reshi Khola:

Reshi is a romantic getaway from the buzz and din of the city life. Nestled amidst emerald green dense forest and tall grasses beside the gurgling Reshi River, the place truly offers the true quintessence of nature. You will enjoy viewpoint and bathing in the Reshi river and have your dinner and good night’s sleep beside it. The Reshi River in the moonlit night under the sparkly sky makes scenery like silver necklace insincere on a green carpet. You would really love your first date with the Reshi River at Reshi Khola.


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More about Kalimpong hill station

Away from the rush of routine life in the metropolitan cities relishing the feeling of being caught in the chills of Himalayas, one can have a pleasurable stay in Kalimpong hill station. The cologne of the flowers for which the place is so very widespread prickles sanities to the scope of joyfulness. Compounded with the peaceful sanctity of the worship places in Buddhist monasteries where each and every faith can take time to connect with Divine, Kalimpong presents itself just the way a visitor or a tourist would prefer, with a group or alone.

Located at an elevation of 1250m, the town of Kalimpong is one of the most well known hill stations in West Bengal attracting many a seasoned traveler from across the country and the world. The town is known for its rich culture, Himalayan beauty and balanced climate which helps promote tourism to a respectable level. The town is also known for its cultural diversity with plenty of ethnic Nepalis, Tibetans and other ethnic groups who populate the town post-independence.

Journey and destinations are not always about entertainment, but these might encompass what life has come to mean to the traveler. Still, one cannot deny certain pleasure drawn by visiting a place and Kalimpong is no exception to this unstated rule. Go through some of the itineraries to check if the following attractions are part of the trip; if not, choose the one in which they are.

Top Tourist Attractions in Kalimpong

  1. Catholic Church
  2. Relli River
  3. Zong Dog Palri Fo Brang Gompa
  4. Bungalows and Houses
  5. Neora National Park
  6. Nature Interpretation Centre
  7. Graham's Home
  8. Saramsa Garden
  9. Samthar Plateau
  10. Thongsha Gumpha

Best Time to Visit Kalimpong

Removing monsoons from the list of the consideration, the options include months between March to May to visit Kalimpong.

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